Common Question: How To Know If I Am Overweight

You might feel overweight or look overweight, but are you really overweight? How to know if I am overweight is a common question these days because more and more are concerned about their health. We’ll use this guide to help you learn the signs that will clear all your dilemmas.

Stress, improper sleep, depression, improper diet, lack of physical activity – all these things have an impact on your weight. Obviously, we are talking about a negative impact that can make a person overweight. But, just because you have overeaten today, doesn’t mean that you are overweight. This guide will help you understand whether you have a normal weight or you might have to start practicing a diet.

  • Get familiar with the signs that can help you identify this problem
  • Learn what fuels weight gain
  • Find out how to lose weight or prevent weight gain

If you know that you are overweight for sure, you will get a chance to do something about your condition. Remember that overweight people are prone to health problems. Changing your diet and exercising more can help in situations like this, But, before you take any action, let’s learn how to know if you are overweight.

1. You have frequent trips to the toilet

Generally speaking, if a person goes to the toilet over three times per day, it is very likely that this person is overweight. There are some other health conditions that can cause this problem, but it usually means that your body simply can’t store all the food you are eating. Remember that your body will store some of this food and turn it into fat.

  • People that are not overweight or obese are visiting the toilet no more than 3 times a day
  • Don’t forget that frequent trips to the toilet can be a sign of another health issue
  • Eating too much will increase fat deposits

2. You’ve noticed a beer belly

Without any doubt, a beer gut is an obvious sign that you have problems with your weight. This is the area of the body where most of the excess fat is stored. We all have fat deposits, but once they become clearly visible on your belly, this means that you are overweight. Remember that this phenomenon has nothing to do with drinking beer because even non-drinkers can have a belly like this.

  • A beer belly is one of the most obvious signs of overweight
  • Despite its name, beer belly is not necessarily associated with heavy drinking
  • A beer belly is simply excess fat

3. Chronic fatigue is something you are dealing with on a regular basis

Did you know that when people are overweight, they are adding extra pressure on the internal organs? In case you feel tired after cleaning your bathroom for 10 minutes, then you should know that there’s something wrong with your weight. In addition, overweight people are prone to chronic inflammation. So, chronic fatigue is another sign that you are overweight.

  • Those extra pounds have a negative impact on the internal organs
  • This leads to chronic fatigue
  • If you are tired after conducting simple physical activities, you are probably overweight

4. You feel heartburn more often

Acid reflux is something that you can expect when your body weight goes up. According to some statistics, more than 30% of overweight people are dealing with GERD – gastroesophageal reflux disease. In case you feel heartburn more often and you suspect that you are overweight, then you are probably right.

  • Increase of body weight often results in acid reflux
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease is quite common in obese and overweight people
  • Bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, and belching are other symptoms of weight problems

5. Snoring more frequently than before

In case you’ve been told that you snore a lot and you are dissatisfied with the quality of sleep, those extra pounds you have are probably the main reason for that. Sleep apnea is often linked to obesity and overweight. This comes as a result of the additional fat stored in the neck area.

  • Sleep apnea and snoring have been associated with obesity and overweight
  • Excess fat is stored in the neck and that’s what causes the problem
  • This condition will affect the quality of sleep too

6. Problems with the joints

When people are overweight, they are putting more pressure on the joints. The more weight you gain, the worse the pressure becomes. In case you have problems with your hips, knees or lower back, then there’s a great chance that you are overweight. This is one of the reasons why obesity is bad for health.

  • Extra pounds on the belly will put more pressure on the joints
  • Overweight people often have problems with their knees and hips
  • Losing weight will improve your condition and help you avoid these problems

7. You are gaining a few pounds every year for 5 years in a row

It’s not unusual for adult people to gain weight from time to time. However, most people will lose weight over time too. In case you’ve noticed that you are gaining weight all the time for a long period of time, then you are probably overweight. This is a clear sign that you should take some action and resolve this issue.

  • Our weight is changing all the time, but if you are only gaining weight then you will become overweight
  • Remember to measure your body weight on a regular basis
  • Take some action to fight this problem before it affects your health in a negative way

8. Calculate your BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This is one of the most convenient and precise methods used to determine whether you are overweight or not. To calculate your Body Mass Index, you have to measure your weight and height and divide the weight by your height. You need a BMI that equals 24 or less in order to have a normal weight. Everything that goes above this figure is considered overweight.

  • The Body Mass Index is an accurate tool for determining weight problems
  • In case you have a BMI above 24 then you are probably overweight
  • Use online calculators to measure BMI
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