Burn Fat By Running? – “Is It Really A Super Idea..

You think that running is one of the best activities that can help you burn fat, but you are not 100% sure? Don’t worry, you are right and numerous studies and scientific research have proven that. It turns out that running supports weight loss and fat burning in many ways. Keep reading this article to find out how.

There are two things that people must do when they are overweight or obese. First of all, they have to change their diet. Second, they must start exercising. It turns out that running is a great physical activity for those who want to burn fat and get rid of their big bellies.

  • Find out how running helps people burn fat
  • Get familiar with all the benefits that running provides
  • Learn more about how to use running for the best weight loss results

This is also one of the simplest forms of exercise that you can perform almost everywhere and even without special equipment. Having special equipment can be useful though. Without any doubt, running is a useful physical activity for those who want to burn fat and we will use this article to show you why it’s a super idea by analyzing the effects of this activity.

1. You can burn a great number of calories in this way

When you want to burn fat, burning calories plays a vital role. These two things are interconnected because when you have fewer calories in the body, your body uses fat deposits to compensate for the loss. Running is an excellent solution because it helps you burn more calories compared to many other exercises. An average man can burn up to 375 calories in half an hour at a normal pace. You can’t lose this number of calories even if you are playing basketball.

  • You have to burn calories when you want to burn fat and running helps you with that
  • This is a much more effective exercise compared to many other exercises
  • Running on a regular basis will help you break fat deposits that make your belly big

2. You can say goodbye to food cravings

The human body is a unique system that sometimes acts in an unusual way. When people are overweight or obese, they tend to feel food cravings more often which doesn’t make sense. But, thanks to running you can say goodbye to food cravings. Scientists are still trying to figure out the connection between these two things, but some claim that running can cur the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

  • Running can suppress food cravings
  • It might suppress the levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone)
  • A situation like this will let your body burn fat more efficiently

3. Your body will burn fat long after you’ve stopped running

This fact is true only when you are performing high-intensity running. According to experts, any type of exercise is good for losing weight, but just a few of them can help you burn fat once you are finished and running is one of them. Studies have shown that the body will burn fat up to 2 days after you’ve finished a high-intensity running session.

  • Running is great for losing weight
  • This activity keeps burning fat hours after you are done exercising
  • It’s much more efficient than most exercises when it comes to weight loss

4. It makes the belly fat go away

People can develop fat deposits in different parts of the body, but most overweight people have belly fat. This is where running is the most efficient. Due to the specific mechanics of running, it’s the legs and the abdomen that are most affected when people are practicing this exercise. So, if you are having problems with belly fat, you can count on running.

  • Running is great for burning belly fat
  • It also affects the legs
  • The majority of people have problems with belly fat which can be very dangerous

5. You can choose from a wide range of running exercises

There are over a dozen types of running. This means that you can burn fat in different ways by practicing the same activity. That’s great because many people find it difficult to stay motivated because the exercises are monotonous and boring. Interval runs, long runs, base runs, progression runs, hill repeats and recovery runs are some of the most practiced types of running. Choose one that can provide the best results for you.

  • There are more than a dozen types of running
  • You can practice different kinds of running
  • Stick to the ones that suit you

6. It makes you feel great

Have you heard the term “runner’s high”? This is one of the rare forms of exercise that can bring a smile on your face while you are trying to burn fat. There are many different so-called hormones of happiness and mood that are released when people are running. This gives you a pleasant sensation and makes you feel great.

  • Improve your mood while you are trying to burn fat
  • Stay motivated and inspired while exercising
  • Balance your hormones

7. Keep your muscle mass even when you grow old

Did you know that muscles help people burn fat in an efficient way? The stronger and more flexible muscles you have, the better. The natural process of aging makes people lose muscle mass. However, running is here to slow down this process. This means that even if you are a little bit older, you can still burn fat with running by preserving muscle mass.

  • Running prevents loss of muscle mass
  • Even slightly older people can get involved in running
  • Muscle activity supports proper fat burning

8. Get rid of stress

Shoulder tension is common in people that are stressed. Running is an excellent way to resolve this problem. Namely, running can help you fight stress. On the other hand, stress can also make you eat more which will eventually increase your weight and fat deposits.

  • Running is a great stress-reliever
  • Stress can cause weight gain and shoulder tension
  • Running helps you clear your thoughts and get rid of psychological problems
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