Listed: 8 Cheap Breakfasts Ideas

Are you looking for cheap breakfast ideas? We are living in a world where saving money is a must. Since skipping the most important meal of the day is not an option, it would be best to focus on inexpensive breakfast ideas. Luckily, many options can help you with that.

A good breakfast is a nutritious breakfast that can help you get the necessary energy to function throughout the day or at least until lunchtime. Many people opt for fast food and baked goods. Although this could be a cheap breakfast solution, we should point out that this type of food usually has low nutritional value and many calories. The good news is that there are cheap, fast, and nutrient-rich solutions and we are about to highlight them in this article.

  • Find out the best and cheapest combos of food that you can eat in the morning
  • Learn more about the nutritional value of these breakfast options
  • Discover how dietary changes affect your body

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a tasty and healthy breakfast. Check our list of suggestions and implement some of them in your diet!

1. Mix eggs and veggies

Now here are two products that are both healthy and cheap. You need just one egg for a cheap breakfast like this. Simply boil it and while you are waiting chop a tomato and a cucumber. You can also prepare green tea. Here’s the inexpensive nutritional boost that we all need in the morning.

  • Eggs are very nutritious and cheap
  • Your breakfast should include healthy veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers for example
  • Drink some green tea in the morning to support weight regulation and boost energy

2. Bake some oatmeal

A mixture of fruit and whole grains – this is what this delicious cheap breakfast is all about. What many people will find attractive too is that it doesn’t take much time to prepare this meal. Take three cups of milk, two cups of oats, two teaspoons of vanilla, two beaten eggs, a small amount of brown sugar, and some frozen or fresh fruit. Mix all the ingredients well and bake the mixture for about 45 minutes at 180 C. Enjoy!

  • Oats are packed with nutrients
  • This meal doesn’t require much time or energy
  • It includes just a few inexpensive ingredients

3. Banana waffles with honey

If you have a sweet tooth, it might be a good idea to prepare a cheap breakfast that includes naturally sweet ingredients. For this recipe, you will need a frozen waffle, a banana, and a teaspoon of honey. This meal should not cost more than 2 euros. Keep in mind that the honey is a replacement for sugar-packed syrup and mashed banana can act as butter. You’ll need less than five minutes to prepare this meal that should keep you full for a few hours.

  • A meal that shouldn’t cost you more than 2 euros
  • It’s based on natural ingredients
  • This is a sweet breakfast and you can have breakfasts like this once or twice a week

4. Yogurt and cereals

When people talk about cereals, they usually include milk in the conversation. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Yogurt is another option you have and, in many cases, it’s a healthier option. This is especially true for those who are lactose intolerant. To get this cheap breakfast prepared, you will need half a cup of regular yogurt, bran cereals, and a tablespoon of raisins or chunks of other fruit. You’ll get probiotics, fiber, and other nutrients that will keep you energetic and healthy.

  • Yogurt is a good alternative for milk
  • Bran cereals are healthy
  • You should use raisins or chunks of other fruit to get a better taste

5. Scrambled eggs and a tasty toast

Now here’s another cheap breakfast idea that will match the needs and expectations of people of all ages. Take an egg (or more of them if you are preparing this meal for more people) and scramble them. Toast some bread too. In case you think that this meal is a little bit boring, you can use toppings like jam for example.

  • Another example of a meal that’s inexpensive
  • It requires some bread, eggs, and toppings (optionally)
  • You can make this breakfast sweet or salty depending on the toppings you’ve chosen

6. Avocado and egg

If you are in a hurry, then you might want to skip this cheap breakfast. But, those of you who have the time, should consider preparing a meal like this. You will need just half an avocado (you can store the other half in your fridge and use it later as a snack between meals) and one egg. Bake them well and enjoy it. With the help of this nutritious mix, you will get a lot of protein and healthy fats. Feel free to use spices.

  • Avocados are high in healthy unsaturated fats
  • Eggs are rich in protein
  • Use spices to make this mix taste even better

7. A smoothie based on bananas and berries

It turns out that a mixture of berries and bananas in the form of a smoothie is all people need for their breakfast. This is a cheap breakfast option that includes a small banana, and a small number of blueberries and/or blackberries. You can add honey and ginger if you want to make this meal healthier.

  • Bananas and berries are rich in fiber and nutrients
  • It takes just five minutes to prepare a smoothie like this
  • Spice up the smoothie with ginger and/or honey

8. Granola and yogurt + raisins

It can’t get simpler than this. Granola and yogurt are another excellent cheap breakfast solution. The ingredients involved here include half a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of granola, and a tablespoon of raisins. With the help of yogurt, your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients. And did we mention that this mix tastes great?

  • Another breakfast idea that will cost you a euro or two
  • This mix is very healthy and tasty
  • Yogurt is good for your stomach; granola keeps you full and raisins make you feel energetic
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