7 Best Cheap Foods To Buy When You´re Broke

Being broke does not have to be an excuse to start eating junk food. That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you are a student on a budget or you are between jobs and you don’t have a lot of money – you can still find cheap foods that are good for you. To start saving money and eating more healthily, follow this guide.

It turns out that poor people are not slim simply because they can’t afford to buy food. On the contrary, many of them are following a healthy diet. Expensive foods might be good for you, but there are definitely many cheap foods that have proven to be helpful too. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to improve your diet. Make smart choices and buy the best cheap foods when you are broke if you care about your budget and health. That’s what you’ll get from our guide.

  • Find out how to eat healthily on a budget
  • Learn more about the best inexpensive foods
  • Get familiar with their properties

Many nutritionists agree that your budget should not be an excuse for an unhealthy diet. Once you check our list, you’ll probably start sharing this opinion too. Let’s go!

1. Oatmeal – a cheap, but power-boosting breakfast option

Most people like to eat oatmeal in the morning and they are right to do so. Oatmeal provides access to nutrients that can help you boost your energy levels. Oh, and did we mention that they belong to the category of cheap foods that anyone can afford? Oatmeal is packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. This type of food can help both poor and rich people lower the risk of heart disease and regulate blood cholesterol levels. Take some time, do some research and you’ll find cheap, high-quality oatmeal.

  • Oatmeal is something that almost any person can afford
  • People should eat oatmeal not just when they are broke
  • This food is high in minerals, vitamins, and fiber

2. Buy a pound of bananas

In case you are interested in cheap foods that will keep you full for a longer period and provide a wide range of nutrients, you should not skip bananas. Keep in mind that this fruit has a high amount of natural sugar, but this type of sugar is not unhealthy when consumed in moderation. Vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, and vitamin C are some of the nutrients that you can find in bananas. You can use them in many different dishes when you are broke.

  • Poor people around the world enjoy bananas, but so do rich people too
  • Bananas are loaded in vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, vitamin C and fiber
  • They keep people full for a long time

3. Opt for canned salmon

Who says that fish has to be fresh to be healthy? Canned salmon is an excellent option for those who are broke. This is one of the cheap foods that contain a lot of healthy fats that are good for your body and mind. They also include a protein that is good for the muscles and your body in general. Once again, with a little bit of imagination, you will be able to prepare nice meals based or spiced up with canned salmon.

  • Canned salmon can become your best friend if you are broke
  • It tastes good and can be mixed with other foods
  • Canned salmon is loaded with healthy fats and proteins

4. Eggs – a nutrient powerhouse at a low price

To be honest, the price of eggs is not fixed, but generally speaking, they belong to the group of cheap foods. You don’t need to eat a lot of eggs every day to feel full and get a variety of nutrients that will keep you healthy. One of the best things about this food is that it will provide protein, something that many people usually get from expensive meats. So, broke people can use eggs as a replacement for meat at least when it comes to protein. You can also prepare eggs in different ways and use them with veggies for healthy breakfasts.

  • Eggs are high in protein
  • They are cheap and you don’t need more than two eggs a day
  • You can mix them with veggies

5. Pasta and vegetables – a win-win combo if you are broke

Truth be told, we can’t say that pasta alone is one of the healthiest cheap foods that you can eat when you’re broke. However, if you throw vegetables into the mix, then you can expect something different. For instance, you can try pasta with tomatoes. This is a mixture that will provide carbohydrates and nutrients. Also, we all know how tasty macaroni or spaghetti can be, right?

  • Mix pasta with vegetable for a healthy meal
  • This is an inexpensive option
  • Pasta is also a very tasty option loaded with carbs

6. Beans to the rescue

Did you know that beans are rich in vitamins, iron, fiber, protein, and other nutrients? Of course, there are different types of beans, but you can expect nice health benefits even from the cheapest ones. The diet of many poor, yet healthy people around the globe is based on beans. They belong to the group of cheap foods that are quite versatile. You can use them to prepare sandwiches or tacos or eat them as healthy snacks between meals.

  • Beans are very cheap
  • There are different types of beans out there
  • All of them are rich in fiber, iron, vitamins, protein, and other nutrients

7. Potatoes are a very smart budget-friendly option

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, they are an excellent option when you are broke. While it’s true that you can’t survive by practicing a diet that includes only potatoes (hint: check The Martian movie), these inexpensive vegetables are useful. These low-calorie veggies contain vitamin C, magnesium, fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and other nutrients. You can have fried, baked, mashed potatoes, and more.

  • Potatoes are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins
  • They are very cheap in most countries
  • You can prepare potatoes in different ways
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