Warning: 10 Dangerous Consequences From Obesity – (Confirmed)

Obesity is becoming a global problem. Thousands of people around the world are facing the dangerous consequences of this condition. If you want to learn more about this issue, check our list of 10 dangerous consequences of obesity.

Modern people gain weight faster than ever before. The sedentary lifestyle, as well as the unhealthy diets they are practicing on a daily basis, are taking their toll. Many people are unaware of the negative effects that can lead to serious problems after some period of time. That’s why we have decided to create this article that deals with the most dangerous consequences of obesity. This article is all about:

  • Learning more about the dangers of obesity
  • Finding out how to prevent these problems
  • Raising awareness of the dangers of practicing unhealthy lifestyles

If you think that obesity is something that you should address only if you are concerned about your appearance, think twice. Here’s a list of 10 dangerous consequences of obesity.

1. High risk of heart problems

When we say heart problems, we don’t mean mild problems like arrhythmia. Many scientific studies have shown that obese people are at a much higher risk of heart attacks, heart failure, and stroke. One of the main consequences of these health issues is a disability. Obviously, these problems can lead to fatalities in some cases.

  • Obesity increases the risk of heart attack, failure or stroke
  • These health issues lead to disability
  • In some cases, the end result is premature death

2. Breathing issues

In many cases, breathing issues are one of the consequences of obesity. It’s not just the annoying sound that you will hear from your chest, these breathing issues will have an impact on the quality of sleep. There’s also an increased risk of sleep apnea in obese individuals. All these things can affect your overall health.

  • Obesity causes breathing issues
  • Many obese people are suffering from sleep apnea
  • This is something that affects the quality of sleep which ultimately affects your health in general

3. Depression

It turns out that having too many extra pounds affects your mental health too. This is one of the most dangerous consequences of obesity. As a result of their worsened physical appearance, most obese people have low self-esteem which leads to depression after some period of time. What’s even worse is that obese people tend to suppress depression with food which leads to another vicious cycle.

  • Obesity leads to low self-esteem
  • Low self-esteem can result in depression
  • Depressed people tend to eat more than before

4. High risk of silent diseases

High blood pressure is a so-called silent disease. You can’t see that something is wrong with your body until you witness a major health issue. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can remain undiagnosed for years. Obese people usually have high blood pressure.

  • Obesity leads to the emergence of silent diseases
  • High blood pressure is one of the most common health issues in obese individuals
  • Hypertension can be fatal

5. Premature death

This might sound a little bit harsh, but the fact is that one of the most dangerous and scariest consequences of obesity is the fact that there’s a great chance that you will die sooner if you are overweight. Obesity contributes to the development of almost all major fatal diseases including cancer and heart disease.

  • If you are obese, you will die sooner
  • Premature death is very common in obese people
  • Obesity is one of the main causes of the majority of fatal diseases

6. Chronic renal failure

When people are obese, their organs become weaker and their immune systems are not working in the right way. Many obese individuals are dealing with chronic renal failure for example. This disease affects the work of human kidneys. The kidneys can’t get rid of the waste material in a proper way and people can expect many unpleasant and even life-threatening consequences as a result of that.

  • Obesity makes people weaker
  • Obesity affects the work of kidneys in a very negative way
  • Obese individuals are prone to chronic renal failure

7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Here’s a dangerous consequence related to obesity which affects women only. Obese women are at higher risk of developing the polycystic ovarian syndrome. The increased intake of food and calories leads to a higher production of Androgen hormone in women which ultimately has an impact on their ovaries.

  • This is a dangerous situation that affects women
  • Obesity boosts the production of Androgen in female bodies which is dangerous
  • Active lifestyle prevents situations like this

8. Bad for the knees

The extra pounds that you are carrying on your stomach or anywhere on your body as a result of your obesity will affect your knees. Obesity also affects lower back joints and obviously, this effect is negative. This leads to thinning of the cartilage and can result in the development of osteoarthritis. If you don’t take any measures in time, you can end up in a wheelchair once you get a little bit older.

  • Obesity adds a tremendous amount of pressure to the knees
  • It can lead to osteoarthritis
  • There’s a negative impact on the lower back joints too

9. High risk of diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by different things, but obesity is one of the major causes. This vicious disease makes it difficult for the body to manage blood sugar levels. In addition, this is a very dangerous disease that can damage vital organs and lead to premature death.

  • Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes
  • Diabetes is a disease that will make your life very difficult
  • Diabetes can also lead to premature death

10. Fatty liver problems

When people are obese, their body stores extra fat. This situation can result in liver damage or inflammation. In other words, the liver will not work properly. In many cases, this can lead to cirrhosis, a liver scaring that can’t be cured. This is also one of the causes of liver cancer.

  • Obese people are facing fat accumulation
  • Liver damages or inflammation are common in obese individuals
  • There’s a high risk of liver cancer in obese people
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