6 Best Exercises To Live Longer & Healthier

If you ask any man or woman, they will probably tell you that they want to live longer than an average person. At the same time, they all want to avoid situations where they have to deal with illnesses and health problems. To achieve this, you will have to find the best exercises to live longer and healthier.

Did you know that the mortality for sedentary individuals who are not exercising is up to three times higher compared to fit people? The best part is that you don’t have to be involved in strenuous, long-lasting training sessions on a daily basis to live longer. On the contrary, you can live a healthier and happier long life by being active for 30 to 60 minutes a day. Of course, some exercises can help you more than others, and the best ones are highlighted in this article.

  • Find out more about the best exercises for longevity
  • Learn how to maximize the effects of these exercises
  • Get familiar with the benefits you can expect

A few factors contribute to your life expectancy and health and one of the most important ones is physical activity. The activities we have listed here will help your body in more than one way!

1.  Running – strengthen your heart

When people are running, the number of heartbeats goes up. This makes the heart stronger. In other words, by implementing running in your fitness routine, you will keep your heart safe from heart disease and ultimately you will live longer. This is also one of the best exercises for people who want to regulate cholesterol levels. A few scientific studies have confirmed that running makes the level of bad cholesterol go down and increases the production of good cholesterol. Don’t forget that you don’t need any special equipment for running – just a good pair of running shoes.

  • Running is one of the best exercises for your heart
  • You don’t need special equipment for this type of training
  • Running also regulates the level of cholesterol in your blood

2.  Practice yoga to strengthen your bones and muscles

Yoga, in general, is one of the best and simplest ways to strengthen your bones and muscles. This is a system that includes a wide range of exercises/positions that are focused on different parts of the human body. For example, some positions can help you stretch and strengthen the muscles located along your spine. In this way, you will soothe the pain in your back and neck. For the best results, people can use additional pieces of equipment to practice yoga like hanging ropes, mats, etc. Experts agree that yoga helps people rejuvenate their bodies by promoting de-stressing too. Find a yoga class in your area or practice yoga at home.

  • Yoga is a great activity for people who want to stretch and strengthen their muscles and bones
  • You can practice a variety of exercises that belong to this ancient system/concept
  • Don’t forget that yoga helps people release stress in a pleasant way

3.  Team sports are fun and make you healthier

It turns out that people that have been practicing team sports can live longer compared to those who are focused on individual sports. The reason behind this is simple – exercises, where there is social interaction and socializing involved, have an impact on mental health too. Additionally, team sports make people more inspired and motivated. Football, basketball, tennis (especially couples), volleyball – these are some of the options you have for team sports.

  • Team sports are better than individual sports for longevity
  • They are great for your mental health and cognitive functions
  • You can choose from a wide range of team sports

4.  Swimming is great for the respiratory system

You can’t find many other sports and/or exercises that have such a tremendously positive effect on the respiratory system like swimming. You probably know that swimmers (even recreational swimmers that are involved in this sport regularly) have an increased lung capacity. Swimming also strengthens the muscle (it activates all muscle groups). As an indirect benefit of this exercise, you can expect improved cognitive functions. So, it’s always a good idea to visit the local public swimming pool or get a pool in your yard.

  • Swimming will improve your lung capacity
  • This is a fun activity that makes all major groups of muscles in your body stronger
  • Swimming has a positive impact on the brain too

5.  Cycling is also a good option

Now here’s another option that you should consider if you want to live longer and healthier. We are talking about cardio exercises that you can conduct in different ways. For instance, you can use a stationary bike or a classic road bike. A stationary bike is a good option when you don’t have enough time and the weather outside is not great. A road bike allows you to exercise with your friends and provides better scenery. When compared to running cycling eases stress on the joints, but running activates a few other muscles in the body.

  • You can choose from road bikes and stationary bikes
  • This is one of the best cardio exercises
  • It’s similar to running, but without the stress on your joints

6.  Stretching is important too

Many people think that this is one of the exercises that they should skip, but they are wrong. Stretching can help you live longer too especially if you are doing it daily. Stretching is good for your health and makes your muscles stronger. Needless to say, you’ll make them more flexible too. In this way, you will protect yourself from injuries that can affect your life expectancy. This form of exercise is advised for those who are planning on getting involved in more complex exercises or sporting activities. It’s a good warmup for preventing injuries.

  • Stretching is excellent for the muscles and your health in general
  • It can prepare you well for rapid movements
  • For the best results, stretch your body parts daily
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