8 Foods You Eat That Are High In Sugar

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with diabetes or you are completely healthy – cutting down on sugar should be one of your top priorities. By doing this, you can avoid the onset of a wide array of health issues.

The food industry has realized that by adding sugar to processed foods, they can make almost any product tastier. Additionally, sugar also provides specific color and texture that makes certain beverages and solid foods appear better. Finally, it also preserves products. But, all these good things come at a price and we are not talking about money. To stay safe, one must learn more about sugar-rich dietary options that should be avoided. This is exactly what this article will teach you.

  • Find out more about the foods that are high in sugar
  • Learn how to replace them with healthy options
  • Get familiar with the negative consequence of this type of diet

Healthy living and following a proper diet is the formula for a disease-free life. Let’s find out how to live a life like that.

1. Protein bars – they provide more than energy boosts

For many people, protein bars are one of the healthiest choices, but in most cases, that’s wrong. A wide array of protein bars is loaded with 25 grams of added sugar. So, the protein found in them is good because it can make you feel full and energized, but the level of carbs is unacceptable. If you are a great fan of these bars, it’s a good idea to analyze the label before purchasing and consuming them. There are still a few of them that are low in carbs.

  • Protein bars usually contain a lot of carbs
  • They are good against food cravings though
  • Check the label before buying one

2. Cereals – avoid most of them if you have diabetes

This has to be one of the most convenient breakfast options you have. However, most of these breakfast cereals come with added sugar making them one of the worst foods for those who want to avoid extra carbs. Once again, you’ll have to check the label if you want to use them. It’s best to find low-carb cereals and use milk instead of yogurt. Milk will make them sweeter which means that there will be no need for sweetened varieties.

  • Use unsweetened cereals
  • Use them with milk, not yogurt
  • A low-carb option is the best option

3. Ketchup – limit the intake

Some of you might be surprised to hear that one of the favorite condiments across the globe is actually high in sugar. After all, we are using it in salty dishes, not in desserts. Yet, average ketchup contains a lot of these sweet-tasting carbohydrates. So, do you really have to use ketchup in your macaroni or sandwich? Try their ketchup-free versions and see how it goes.

  • One tablespoon of average ketchup comes with around one teaspoon of sweet-tasting carbs
  • You don’t have to use ketchup with all the meals
  • Check the ketchup-free version of spaghetti and sandwich

4. Chocolate milk – remove the chocolate from the equation

We can all agree that chocolate milk tastes good. That’s why it’s used by both kids and adults. But, if you are worried about your health, then you should limit the intake of this product. Of course, it would be best if you replace chocolate milk with regular milk because around ten percent of the content of chocolate milk goes to sugar.

  • Chocolate milk is among the foods that have a high amount of carbs
  • It’s better to drink regular milk
  • Regular milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium

5. Dried fruit – it makes the level of carbs go up

Fresh fruit is something that every person should add to its diet. However, dried fruits are a little bit different and we are not talking about their taste. The level of carbs in dried fruits goes up as a result of the dehydration of these foods. Taking a few of these fruits now and then is not bad, but if you want to cut down on sweet-tasting carbs, then you should eat fresh fruit in moderation.

  • Dried fruits have less water and more carbs
  • They are not a good option if you have diabetes
  • Use fresh fruits instead

6. Iced tea – not the best dietary option

When it comes to liquid foods, we have iced tea as an example of sugar-packed dietary options. Some people drink iced tea because they think that fruit juices are bad for their health. The truth is that iced tea can be bad too especially when they contain a lot of syrup or processed sugar. Also, they usually don’t have great nutritional value. Drink regular tea or water instead.

  • Iced tea doesn’t contain many nutrients
  • It’s packed with carbs
  • You can try regular tea as an alternative

7. French fries – don’t let the taste fool you

As you are aware, French fries are quite salty, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t contain sugar. On the contrary, they are one of the worst foods for those who want to avoid this sweet substance. French fries are processed and fried in vegetable oil. This makes the level of blood sugar go up instantly. To avoid these problems, you might want to try sweet potatoes. However, you should eat these potatoes in moderation.

  • French fries might be salty, but they contain this sweet substance too
  • They belong to the category of deep-frying foods
  • Replace them with smaller amounts of sweet potatoes

8. Canned baked beans – use fresh beans instead

They taste great and their shelf life is incredible. However, this is one of the foods that can cause problems when it comes to blood sugar levels. Many canned baked beans contain over 10% of sugar which is a lot. Regular baked beans as well as low-sugar varieties of the canned version are your best options.

  • Canned baked beans are rich in carbs
  • Over 10% of the content goes to carbs
  • Try regular baked beans or low-carb versions
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