7 Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Let’s be honest here – it’s not easy to quit smoking. Only in rare cases, people can achieve this goal in a day or two. Other people have been struggling for weeks or months. But, what’s important to understand is that quitting smoking is worth it because you can expect a wide range of health benefits.

Even in the past, people have been suspicious when it comes to this habit. Today, we have dozens of scientific studies that have confirmed the negative effects of this bad habit. Many benefits have been witnessed by former smokers and most of them are related to health. So, in addition to saving money, you can also expect a myriad of health benefits. To support your efforts to quit smoking, we have created this article where you can find some of the most important things that will impact your health positively once you say goodbye to cigarettes.

  • Learn more about the positive effects of quitting smoking on your health
  • Find out what happens in your body once you eliminate cigarettes from your life
  • Discover the benefits that will make your body and mind feel better

Some of the benefits highlighted here are short-term while others are long-term, but in both cases, it’s clear that this is something that you should try ASAP.

1. You will lower the risk of dementia

A few studies have shown that if it wasn’t for smoking, the number of cases of Alzheimer’s Disease would be lower for about 10%. This makes sense because a few types of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have been related to problems within the vascular system. In many cases, these problems are linked directly to smoking. So, once you quit smoking, you can expect to reduce the chances of developing such diseases.

  • Around 10% of all dementia cases have been linked to smoking
  • Smoking is bad for the vascular system
  • Stop smoking now to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in the future

2. Your heart will be thankful

You might think that lighting a cigarette is bad only for the lungs, but you are wrong. In case you are a passionate smoker, your blood circulation and heart health will be affected negatively. The numbers say it all – people who smoke have 50% higher chances of experiencing a heart attack compared to those who don’t smoke. Quitting smoking is good because you will restore the strength of the lining of the arteries and prevent the accumulation of fatty content there. Additionally, once the carbon monoxide delivered in the body thanks to tobacco is prevented, your heart won’t have to make an extra effort to deliver oxygen.

  • Stop smoking if you want to lower the chances of a heart attack
  • Non-smokers have better heart health and blood circulation
  • Smoking makes the work of your heart more intense

3. You will breathe freely

Lung cancer can be developed due to different things, but smoking is the number one cause of this vicious disease. After all, that’s why tobacco companies have to put these warning labels on their products. Additionally, you can avoid the development of asthma and pneumonia. People have also been able to stay away from respiratory infections once they’ve stopped smoking.

  • Smoking is especially bad for the lungs
  • This is one of the main causes of lung cancer
  • When you stop smoking you will lower the risk of lung infections, asthma, pneumonia…

4. Prevent premature aging of your brain

It turns out that smoking cigarettes can lead to damage to the brain’s structure. Researchers have concluded that smokers have a thinner cortex. In case you didn’t know, this is the part of your brain that’s responsible for learning and processing languages and voices as well as for memory. So, quitting smoking should help you prevent memory loss and mental decline in general.

  • You can protect your brain by stopping smoking
  • Cigarettes have a negative impact on memory
  • When you say goodbye to cigarettes, you will prevent premature mental decline

5. Increase chances of conceiving

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to conceive a baby in a completely natural way or with the help of IVF procedure – smoking is bad for this process. Both men and women are affected by nicotine, tar, and other harmful ingredients found in cigarettes. Quitting smoking can help you deal with problems like erectile dysfunction and low sperm count if you are a man and an increased number of eggs of high quality if you are a woman.

  • If you stop smoking you will increase the chances of conceiving
  • Male smokers have a lower sperm count
  • Female smokers have lower egg count than expected

6. Say hello to a smooth skin

Are you aware that smoking leads to premature aging of your skin? It’s no wonder why heavy smokers look like they are ten years older than they truly are. Once you quit smoking, the chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced by up to three times. Your skin will get back its natural complexion and it will be smoother too. This is one of the best health benefits at least when it comes to women.

  • Cigarettes are bad for your skin and lead to premature aging
  • They contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stay away from cigarettes if you want a smooth skin with the best complexion

7. Let your teeth shine

As previously mentioned, cigarettes are packed with harmful substances including tar and nicotine. That’s why many smokers have yellowish and brownish teeth. These are stains caused by tobacco. If you quit smoking, these problems will start going away and your teeth will restore their natural color. Remember that non-smokers have much lower chances of developing gum disease. Finally, many cases of mouth cancer have been linked to smoking too.

  • Stop smoking if you want to bring back the natural color and hue of your teeth
  • Smoking can lead to gum disease
  • It can also cause mouth cancer
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