CRAZY LIST: How To Become Fat – 7 Effective Tips

Why would someone want to become fat? The answer is simple – they don’t want to look skinny. Of course, there are a few other reasons why someone would want to gain weight (like bodybuilding for example), but regardless of the reason behind your desire, you should be glad to hear that there are many things that you can do to achieve this goal.

When your appetite is low and/or you have a very fast metabolic rate, you will struggle to keep your weight. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to become fat even in situations like that. By eating more of the right foods and implementing changes in your lifestyle, you’ll notice the first results in no time. We’ve done the research and came up with a list of effective tips that can help both men and women gain weight.

  • Discover the options you have to start gaining pounds
  • Find out how to do this in a safe way
  • Learn how different things affect your weight

Remember that being obese can lead to a wide array of health issues. So, follow these tips to become fat, but try to maintain a healthy weight after that.

1. Try a gainer

Gainers are specially designed supplements that are used by active people and athletes to build muscle mass. To maximize the effects of using gainers, one must get familiar with the content of the product. The most important thing is to find a gainer that has at least 35% protein. Many of them contain a wide range of amino acids too. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a high-quality product like this.

  • Gainers, or weight gainers, are dietary supplements
  • The best ones have between 35% and 40% protein
  • They are not very expensive

2. Get involved in strength training

This is one of the best ways to become fat. Weight training allows people to become fat and have a toned body at the same time. When you are involved in this type of training, you will start building muscles and burning fat. Muscles weigh much more compared to fat. Needless to say, they make people look more attractive. Use a weight machine in the local gym, lift dumbbells at home, practice pilates – there are many options for weight training.

  • Building muscle mass makes people gain weight
  • There are many ways to practice weight training
  • Muscles weight way more compared to fat

3. Try eating more smaller meals instead of a 2-3 big meals

Ordinary people eat two or three times a day. But, since you are not an ordinary person and you find gaining weight difficult, you might want to try a different strategy. Numerous studies have shown that eating smaller meals five or six times a day can help you regulate weight. Many skinny men and women feel full after eating half of their meal. They can avoid this problem by eating more smaller meals. To get even better results, you might want to throw snacks between meals. By snacks, we mean seeds and nuts.

  • Replace your standard 2-3 meals a day with 5-6 smaller meals
  • This will help you avoid the feeling of fullness
  • Eat healthy and caloric snacks between meals

4. Proteins are very important

Of course, what you eat is very important too. Experts agree that a diet that’s low in proteins can’t help people who want to become fat. Protein contributes to weight gain. One of the foods that are high in protein is red meat. There are also other, probably healthier options like yogurt and oily fish. Some people use specially designed proteins (supplements) for this purpose.

  • Your diet must include protein-rich foods
  • Protein helps you build muscles and gain weight
  • Try to choose healthy sources of protein

5. Add more calories to your menu

If you want to gain up to two pounds per week, you have to start consuming an additional 500 calories per day. Many foods are rich in nutrients and they are usually high in calories too. Don’t forget that we are not talking about junk food packed with empty calories. These are foods that have minerals, vitamins, and other useful things in them. Some of these foods include eggs, avocado, meat, milk, nuts, sweet potatoes, etc.

  • Start consuming around 500 calories more per day
  • Eat healthy foods with more nutrients and calories
  • Some of these foods include sweet potatoes, nuts, milk and avocado

6. Stop smoking

That’s right, numerous studies have shown that quitting smoking can help people gain weight. So, if you want to become fat, you should say goodbye to cigarettes. Your body will be grateful. Once you stop smoking you will get your appetite back and you will start feeling food flavours in the best possible way. In case you can’t leave your cigarettes, you should avoid smoking for about two hours before you have a meal.

  • Quitting smoking will help you gain some weight
  • This is a bad habit that has a negative impact on your health
  • Try to stop smoking for two hours before having a meal

7. Use more oil and butter

The way you prepare meals also has an impact on your weight. So, you can become fat, by using more oil and butter when preparing meals. We are talking about healthy oils like coconut oil, canola oil, and olive oil. Butter is another highly-caloric option that you should use not only if you want to become fat, but also if you want to be healthier. This will increase the intake of calories, but you can also expect to experience a wide range of health benefits too.

  • Cooking with butter and oil will provide extra calories
  • This is a healthier way of cooking
  • Certain oils are more caloric than the others
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