How To Stop Drinking Alcohol: 7 Best Ways

So, you want to stop drinking alcohol? That’s always a good idea even if you are not about developing an addiction. Although some studies suggest that there might be some minor health benefits associated with alcoholic beverages, none of these potential benefits outweigh the real risk. That’s why it’s a smart move to find a way to stop this habit.

There are many reasons why people want to stop consuming alcohol. Some of them want to see how it feels to sleep better. Others are interested in improving their overall health. Some people want to save money and ones that have problems with addiction. Hangovers, blackouts, headaches, and other things that are linked to drinking can become a thing of the past by following a few simple tips. In this article, you will find some of the best ways to stop drinking alcohol.

  • Learn more about the healthy alternatives that will make your life better
  • Discover the benefits of doing something like this
  • Find out how to get the most from this process

Saying no to beer, wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages is not that difficult when you are doing the right things. Here’s the list of our tips.

1. Set a deadline and be realistic

Whenever you are trying to achieve some goal, you have to make a plan and set a deadline. That’s the case for those who want to stop drinking alcohol too. Pick a date and prepare to quit when this date comes. When we say be realistic, we mean take your current situation into account. If you are used to drinking a few beverages of this kind per day, then you might want to cut the amount gradually because doing this rapidly can cause serious damage to your health. Heavy drinkers should consult a physician before preparing and following a plan.

  • Set a deadline and prepare a plan
  • Be realistic about the time you need
  • Talk to a doctor if you are a heavy drinker

2.  Find out what makes you think about alcohol

Experts have concluded that there are a few things that make people think about alcohol. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, you should find your so-called triggers. For example, many people like to drink when they are in a company of other drinkers. Some people want to grab a beer or a similar drink when they are in a certain place. Excitement, frustrations, stress – these are some other things that can make people reach for the bottle.

  • Try to find out what triggers your urge to drink
  • Most people are social drinkers
  • Certain feelings make us reach for the bottle too

3.  Make sure that people close to you provide support

When people are surrounded by negative individuals, this creates an environment that’s leading them toward drinking. It also makes them lose confidence and self-esteem. The final result is alcohol abuse. So, do the opposite thing. Surround yourself with people close to you, people who are happy and positive. Tell them about your plans and ask them for support. Of course, they can still drink when you are around them, but if you want to stop drinking alcohol, you should not surround yourself with heavy drinkers.

  • Avoid negative people
  • Don’t hang out with heavy drinkers
  • Ask for support from people close to you

4.  Choose a well-balanced diet

You might be unaware of this, but your diet may trigger episodes that involve alcohol abuse too. When the body gets all the nutrients it needs and enough water, it becomes healthier. Both your mental and physical health will benefit from a well-balanced diet. On the other hand, if you don’t care about what you eat and when you eat, you will lack the most important nutrients. This usually makes you feel less energetic, and more anxious and even depressed. Most people in cases like this believe that wine, beer, or similar beverages are their allies.

  • Start taking care of your diet
  • Look for food (and drinks) that are high in nutrients
  • This will make you feel more energetic and relieved

5.  Look for a hobby

Have you ever considered getting a pet? Or maybe you were thinking of learning how to play guitar? How are these things related to the topic? Well, a few scientific studies have shown that a large number of individuals are consuming alcohol out of boredom. Think of the hobbies you had in the past and try them again or look for new hobbies. Keep your body and mind busy with the things you find amusing whenever you think of alcohol.

  • Boredom is one of the main reasons why people consume alcohol
  • Find a hobby to fill your free time
  • Get involved in the things you like

6.  Reward yourself

Once you stop drinking for a week or a month, do the math. Try to see how much you’ve saved by avoiding your favorite drink. Use this money (or some of it) to treat yourself. Maybe you can get a massage, buy a new shirt or home decorations. This is important because, in this way, you will mark your success – the goal you’ve reached will bring a reward.

  • Reward yourself once you reach a goal or a milestone
  • Visit a spa or buy something new
  • When you stop drinking alcohol, you will save money too

7.  Start exercising

How can exercise help you stop drinking alcohol? Well, whenever we are involved in physical activity, the body triggers certain neurotransmitters and parts of the brain that are usually activated with the help of alcohol. Instead of being “high” on alcohol, you will be high on life! Make a plan, start an exercise routine, and stick to it. You might want to start slowly and increase the pace after a few weeks. In this way, you will stay motivated and inspired.

  • Exercise is good for your health
  • It stimulates the brain in a similar way like alcohol, but in a healthy way
  • Start slowly and increase the pace gradually
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