What Is Overweight? – The Simple Answer You Should Read

Did you know that overweight people are more prone to health problems? This is a health condition that should be taken seriously, but before you take any actions, it’s a good idea to define overweight and what the signs of overweight are and this is exactly what you’ll learn from this article.

It turns out that there are dozens of different causes of obesity and overweight. However, we can highlight two major causes – an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. So, if you address these two things and make changes, you should bring back your weight to normal. Yet, there are many people who are not sure whether they are overweight or not. To help these individuals find the answer to this question, we will present a few clear signs that have overweight written all over them.

  • Check the most common problems of overweight people
  • Learn how to determine whether you are overweight
  • Find out how to resolve this problem

What every person should understand that being overweight is not a single problem. This is the basis of a wide range of health problems. So, it’s not just your physical appearance that’s affected by those extra pounds. Different systems in your body will struggle to work properly when you are overweight. Now to clear all the dilemmas, let’s analyze the things that can help you determine whether you are overweight or not.

1. Bad BMI score

One of the easiest ways to find out whether you are overweight is to use the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI number is calculated based on your height and weight. This measurement is not 100% correct, but it’s a strong indicator of your weight status and whether you should start dieting or not. In addition, if the BMI score is above normal weight and your waist is over 35 inches, it’s time to change your diet and start working out.

  • Calculate your BMI score
  • Poor BMI score and a waist over 35 inches indicates weight gain
  • Start exercising and dieting to lose weight

2. Your weight goes up for a few years in a row

If you are like most people, then you probably want to check your weight at least a few times a year. In case you’ve noticed that you are gaining a few pounds for a few years in a row and you have never seen your weight go down, then you are probably overweight. Start measuring your weight more frequently and implement a weight loss strategy to fight those extra pounds.

  • If you are gaining weight for a few consecutive years then it’s very likely that you are overweight
  • Measure your weight on a regular basis
  • Try to lose weight in the next month

3. Performing regular exercises seems difficult

The exercises that you’ve once performed without any problems are making you extra sweaty and tired? This is another sign that your overweight. It depends on the exact number of extra pounds, but exercising in the same way as before is not an option when you are overweight. Consult a doctor and/or a personal trainer and find the best exercises for you. Remember that exercise without a proper diet will not bring the desired effect.

  • If you are tired after a few reps, you might be overweight
  • Perform exercises that will help you lose weight in a proper way
  • Talk to a doctor and/or a personal trainer to get advice

4. All of a sudden, your clothes are small and tight

Let’s be clear, there are different kinds of clothes made of different materials. Even if you’ve gained weight in the recent period, you might still fit into one of the stretchy cotton blouses you have. That’s why it’s better to use your old pair of jeans to find out whether you are overweight or not. If you don’t fit in your jeans because they are very tight, it’s a good time to start losing weight.

  • Try your old clothes to see whether they fit you
  • Use your jeans because they can’t stretch too much
  • If your old clothes don’t fit you, find a way to lose weight

5. You are in denial or avoiding the topic

It’s typical for modern people to talk about weight and whether they are overweight or not. If you find yourself in a few situations where you are denying your problem with the weight or you are making excuses about what makes you look fatter, then you are definitely overweight. If you don’t like regular exercise, look for new solutions. In case you think that a diet doesn’t work for you – try another one.

  • If you don’t want to talk about diets, you might be overweight
  • In case you are looking for excuses about your current weight, you are probably overweight
  • Look for the best weight loss methods that work for you and stick to them

6. You’ve noticed heavy breathing when climbing stairs

According to many experts, climbing stairs can be one of the best cardio exercises. However, when people are overweight, they have breathing problems even when they climb just a couple of dozens of stairs. If you have noticed something like this, then there’s a great chance that you are overweight. This could be a sign of other health issues, so remember to check this.

  • Climbing stairs is an effective exercise
  • Overweight people have breathing problems when climbing stairs
  • This issue can be a sign of another underlying problem

7. You’ve started snoring

To be honest, snoring is a natural phenomenon that is not necessarily related to weight problems. However, the fact is that overweight people tend to snore more often than ordinary people. They can develop obstructive sleep apnea too. So, snoring in overweight individuals can be a sign of sleep apnea. In case you feel tired all the time and you have started snoring very loud at night, then you should start losing weight right away.

  • Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, a condition usually caused by excess weight
  • If you are snoring more than usual and you are tired all the time, you could be overweight
  • Start losing weight right away if you want to fight these problems
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